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My name is Destiny Ma’at Hotep Benson. I am the owner and designer of Sankofa Love Designs. I live in Columbus, OH which is where I was born and raised. I make jewelry. I crochet and knit items. I also sell raw unrefined Shea butter and raw black African soap along with 100% pure grade A fragrance oils.

Growing up I always had a vision of myself as an artistic entrepreneur. As a youth I would envision myself in my studio apartment in New York selling art work. Skip forward and I did start selling from my living space in Ohio, 2009 after mass lay offs at my job. It started with me doing hair from home and my clients would see the crocheted hats I made and started buying them and telling their friends. Soon after someone told me about a well known platform specifically for handmade items. I started listing items there and then started to use Facebook as a way to share new items I made and from there the business began to grow. I now sell both online and at local events as a vendor.

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